Aafiyah has adopted the American Association of Family Physicians’, tried and tested chronic diseases management system.
This is the first time such a system is being introduced in Pakistan.

What Is A Chronic Disease Condition?

It is a health problem that can be controlled but not cured. For example, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic arthritis, etc.

What Is Chronic Care Management ( CCM)?

CCM system gives extra support to patient care beyond the doctor’s clinic visit, which is provided by a CCM trained patient care manager backed by a multi-disciplinary care team for any patient care, queries, and needed interventions.

What Are The Benefits Of A CCM Program?

Easy and timely access to the care team. Timely responses to medical
emergencies and queries lead to satisfied patients. Reduced emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and disease complications. A personalized care plan implemented by the assigned PCM team. Registration in a health maintenance plan for preventive care visits, diagnostics, and vaccinations as per international protocols.


In Healthcare

Aafiyah Health Centers is the first advanced healthcare organization in Pakistan to introduce the concept of a personal Patient Care Manager (“PCM”).

A PCM is a trained healthcare professional who builds a long-term caring relationship with patients requiring complex treatment of chronic diseases.

PCMs are responsible for coordinating comprehensive care with the health management team on an ongoing basis. The PCM’s salient responsibilities include, but are not limited to, ensuring that the doctors treatment plan is implemented, appointments are made for diagnostic tests and specialists, scheduling follow-up visits, make follow-up phone calls to check for any adverse affects of medication/procedures, and manage compliance and disease complications.