Pakistan's First Combined Allergy & ENT Clinic

Now you can get premium allergy and ENT diagnostic and treatment services by a highly qualified American Board Certified Allergy specialist and a highly skilled ENT specialist trained at the top-rated Aga Khan University ENT training program in Pakistan.

International standard Allergy and ENT Diagnostic and Treatments
which include the following services:

  • Complete allergic diseases evaluation by a board certified Allergist with 38 years of allergy practice experience in Pakistan and USA.
  • Complete ENT disease evaluation by an ENT specialist trained with best qualified ENT professors in the top rated ENT specialist care training program in Pakistan.
  • Allergy skin tests to environmental allergens and food allergy triggers with diagnostic kits imported from the USA.
  • Advanced ENT surgical treatments at the best hospitals in Karachi.
  • Food allergy diagnostic tests.
  • Allergy vaccination for environmental allergies for nasal allergy, sinus disease, allergic asthma and allergic nasal polyps.
  • Latest biological treatments for asthma and nasal polyps.
  • Patient education on allergic, ears, nose and throat diseases.
  • Drug allergy diagnostic challenge tests.
Allergy Specialist


An American Board Certified Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Specialist.
A graduate of the Dow Medical College class of 1976 moved to the USA for training in internal medicine and Allergy-Immunology. He completed his Allergy-Immunology fellowship training in the University of California, Irvine, USA. He was appointed as a clinical professor in the department of Allergy-Immunology in 1986. He started an Allergy-Immunology clinical and research practice in California in 1986. After practicing in the USA for 12 years, he moved to Karachi in 1998 to bring in state of the art Allergy-Immunology standards of practice to Pakistan. He leads the allergy specialist clinics in the Aga Khan University Hospital and South City hospital. He has now co-founded the first combined Allergy & ENT specialist center in Pakistan at the Aafiyah Health Center with Dr. Wasif an ENT specialist practicing in the Aga Khan and Ziauddin Hospitals. He brings in the latest in allergy practice diagnostics and treatment, including the latest biological treatments for allergic diseases to Pakistan
ENT Specialist


I’m an ENT surgeon with over eight years of experience, specializing in Nose and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. I completed my MBBS and went on to earn the MRCPS from Glasgow. I also hold a Fellowship in ENT Head & Neck Surgery (FCPS). I received my training at Aga Khan University Hospital and have international experience working in the UK. Currently, I’m an assistant professor at Dr. Ziauddin University Hospital.

Please call for appointment and get the best Allergy and ENT treatments available in Pakistan by a well trained, professional and courteous staff.



    Allergy Conditions
    and Illnesses Treated

    • output-onlinepngtools Nose & Throat Allergies
    • output-onlinepngtools Asthma
    • output-onlinepngtools Eye Allergies
    • output-onlinepngtools Sinus Infections
    • output-onlinepngtools Nasal Polyps
    • output-onlinepngtools Recurrent Sore Throat
    • output-onlinepngtools Post Nasal Drip
    • output-onlinepngtools Swelling of the Skin
    • output-onlinepngtools Urticaria
    • output-onlinepngtools Food Allergies
    • output-onlinepngtools Allergies to Medicines
    • output-onlinepngtools Immune Deficiency
    • output-onlinepngtools Eczema
    • output-onlinepngtools Contact Dermatitis
    • output-onlinepngtools Other Rare Allergic Diseases

    Ear, Nose, Throat and Neck,
    Conditions and Illnesses

    • output-onlinepngtools Tonsil Infections
    • output-onlinepngtools Throat Infections
    • output-onlinepngtools Sinus Diseases Surgical Treatments
    • output-onlinepngtools Nasal Polyps Surgical Treatments
    • output-onlinepngtools Snoring and Sleep Apnea
    • output-onlinepngtools Ear Infections
    • output-onlinepngtools Hearing Difficulties
    • output-onlinepngtools Cough due to Non-Allergic Causes
    • output-onlinepngtools Deviated Nasal Septum
    • output-onlinepngtools Mouth Breathing Obstruction
    • output-onlinepngtools Nasal Obstruction
    • output-onlinepngtools Enlarged Adenoids